Couple standing together smiling in a church with high ceiling and white walls and a golden chandelier at a church in Nantucket Woman in yellow dress standing with man in khaki slacks and blue blazer standing in front of hydrangea plants Brick road with many hydrangeas on either side leading to a quaint cottage with flowers climbing up the front in Nantucket Engaged couple looking at each other smiling as they walk down neighborhood street with trees in the background Couple kissing in front of church with thick foliage falling from the windows Man with arm around a woman sitting on a bench talking Table setting next to large open windows and plants inside Welcome letter folded into white and blue napkin at table with a white candle encased in a cylinder Sunshine pouring onto a table with plants growing above the table Fresh rosemary growing in a pot on the table Stuffed fresh oysters being presented on a plate Sign against a blue sky with a few clouds that says 'Straight Whale Restaurant' in Nantucket Flowers in a tin bucket on a table in a restaurant with white walls Close up of green plants in planters attached above the windows of a restaurant Open windows behind a table with wooden chairs and plants above the windows Two women standing. One of them is wearing a blue and white dress and the other is wearing a flowery dress holding a Gucci bag Two woman standing with their backs to camera one has a wicker purse and the other has a purse with flowers on it Women showing the front of her purse which has a cat on it Women in colorful, flowery dresses holding drinks laughing at the camera Woman cupping the face of a young man Woman in yellow dress seated and table with candles with man in blue blazer clapping and looking across the room Couple smiling and looking across the room Woman in flowery dress standing up holding a piece of paper and speaking to everyone else in the room

Nantucket Welcome dinner