Iceland | Part III

July 8, 2016

Here’s Part 3 of our Iceland trip. The first picture is of a waterfall, of course I can’t remember the name, but it was probably my favorite “waterfall sighting” and the reason for that is because this was the first time I was scared while in Iceland. You see, there aren’t any dangerous animals in Iceland (unless you think sheep are dangerous) and there’s minimal crime so I never felt scared. But sometimes it’s fun to feel scared, I mean why else do we watch scary movies or tell ghost stories! While we were driving to this waterfall we were the only ones on the road, the sun was starting to set (at the ripe time of 11:30pm), and once we had traveled so many kilometers away from any humans we decided to run down a few kilometers to this waterfall at sunset. The sun was almost completely set, it was starting to rain, and the Icelandic people told us a million times “be careful because the weather in Iceland can change in seconds” so all I kept thinking was we’re going to be trying to get back to the car when a snow storm is going to start and we’re not going to find our way and freeze to death while holding each other- something like Titanic. Welp, spoiler alert, we lived. But still a good memory. 

Seydisfjordur was a little (and I mean little- but not really any villages in Iceland are big) village that we visited the next day. We had to travel up through the mountains and then down through the mountains to get into this little fjord town. We had the best lunch in the cutest little cafe which used to be Seydisfjordur’s mercantile shop. That was one of my favorite towns. 

The rest of the images are from our way down towards Vik. If you’re going around the country clockwise you’ll stumble upon black beaches before you hit “the black beaches of Vik” and I strongly suggest you go the former- no one is there and the backdrop of snow capped mountains is unbelievable. Also, pro tip, don’t go in the ocean at the black beach…someone told us this because the current is so strong it’ll suck you in and you’re done for. Well…I decided to go down by the ocean by myself while David was up by the car which was completely out of sight. So while I’m shooting away and not noticing that the ocean water is coming up slowly. It eventually gets up past my boots and starts dragging me in quickly and strongly. But, yet again, I lived. It’s the prettiest noise to hear the ocean taking all the black pebbles into itself but incredibly terrifying when it’s doing it to you.

So, there is Iceland Part 3. Enjoy!

Godafoss waterfall Iceland

Iceland cafe

Iceland Cafe

Iceland Cafe

Iceland Cafe

Iceland Cafe

Iceland Cafe

Iceland road sign

Churches of Iceland

Iceland Cafe

Seydisfjordur Iceland

Icelandic rocks and ocean

Icelandic sea

Iceland southern coast

Black beaches Iceland

Black beaches of Iceland

Iceland mountains

horses and waterfalls of iceland