June 19, 2011

It’s his 21st birthday in two hours. This is the first birthday that we get to celebrate as a married couple. So here’s to you buddy, 21 things that make you, you…
1-How you stick out your tongue when you’re really focused on something.

2-How you fall asleep within two seconds of you hitting your pillow.

3-How you can’t be mad at me for too long.

4-How you say that I annoy you when I’m hyper but you always are laughing right along.

5-How you wash your hands every 30 minutes.

6-How you consider tapping your fingers on my back for 2 minutes a “massage.”

7-How you jump out of bed on a Saturday when you think you’re late for work or school…”What?! What’s going on?!! Why are you laughing at me?! I’m late! I’m late! What day is it?…huh?…what time is it?…oh…ok” *falls back asleep*

8-How you do like 20 push-ups before you put on a tight shirt just so you can impress me.

9-How you brush your teeth with cold water to kill the germs.

10-How you’re OCD about your electronics and cars

11-How you buy a million books AND read them. That’s so strange to me.

12-How you love to talk about spiritual things.

13-How you take jokes so well…”And that was…great singing!”

14-How you think everyone that drives next to you is challenging you to a race.

15-How when you imitate your moms voice it always sounds like she’s the grumpiest person in the world. And how your imitation for me is starting to sound the same as your moms.

16-How you’re terrible at imitations.

17-How you think doing the dishes is simply looking at them and deciding to put one cup away.

18-How you love to do devotions as a couple.

19-How you hate plants.

20-How you have to do every job extremely thoroughly.

21-How you love me…though I’m strange, emotional, giddy, hypochondriac-ish, grumpy, hungry (all the time), and crave your attention a lot you still love me and still tell me that with words and actions every day.


Love you Daniel! Happy 21st Birthday Kiddo!


I don’t like #15. You imitate me and I always sound like the grumpiest person in the world…thanks dear son

David Morse

Love you baby. 🙂 Thanks.

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