I do remember at this time back about a year ago I was sitting at my parents dining room table, colored paper everywhere, glue-gun in my hand, sharpies making me a tad dizzy. It was wedding planning time! The first step…picking out those best of the best friends that look good in floor length, royal blue dresses. Hah! Just kidding about that but they all did look pretty amazing in the dresses, even my matron of honor who was about to pop out baby Eloise.
I wanted to ask each bridesmaid to be in my wedding in a cuter way than just a text that says, “hey there, you busy new years eve?” So I made these stick dolls holding my hand for each bridesmaid along with a save the date card and a note of why I chose them.

I honestly feel like I tried to make my bridesmaids pay as little as they possibly could but I still didn’t have them buy their dresses at the dollar store. I’m not sure how many of you have seen the new series Say Yes to the Dress Bridesmaids but I sometimes feel so bad for the bridesmaids when the bride says, Oh, $900 for a bridesmaid dress, that’s not bad. Well, this next little bundle of cuteness (found on helps us to realize all that our dear slaves bridesmaids have to dish out for our big wedding day.

Good luck with picking and dressing those best friends of yours! Here are my beautiful bridesmaids from our New Years Eve wedding (picture courtesy of Meredith Perdue– my ah-mazing wedding photographer). I just love you all!